The Best Spotify Rock & Metal Playlists.


Playlists created for Rock & Metal fans.

Here at we’re all huge Rock & Metal fans, listening to the best new music on a daily basis picking out tracks that we all love – and hopefully you will too! Whether it’s the young rockers Royal Blood that you love or the classic blues riffs of Black Sabbath, we’ve got you covered.

New Music

With contacts in the industry, we can pick out breaking new tracks for you to keep up to date with the latest and best new rock & metal music – if that’s your thing.

Classics and “Best Ofs”

Don’t care about new bands? Just want to listen to the classics? We’ve got you covered. Our ‘Best Of’ playlists are basically extended Greatest Hits, choosing the best tracks from classic bands such as Led Zeppelin, Slayer and Metallica. 🤘